June 15, 2010

walgreens deals 6-15

last week my hubs bought some meds that had a $5 register reward so I thought, oh lets see what I can do with this:):)

this week they have bagged candy on sale 4 for 10, but then you get a reward so here's what i did!

transaction 1
2 bags of reeses- 2.50 x 2 = 5.00
hershey hugs= 2.50
hershey minatures...2.50

subtotal: 10.00
used my 5.00 register rewards from meds.
so my new total was 5.00 , but remember i get a 5.00 reward for buying the candy:)

so transaction 2
1 nivea body wash..-5.99
1 small box of cheese its- 1.00

total: 6.99
- 5.00 reward from the candy

new total. 1.99
but then i got a 6.00 reward for buying the body wash!!! see how fun this all is:):)

so for 6.99, i got 4 bags of candy, 1 nivea body wash and crackers...and now i have 6 rewards...so all in all i spent .99 for everything!!!!!!!

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