March 18, 2010

oo great deal on toy story 1 and toy story 2 on tuesday

we LOVE the toy story movies..cant wait to see them on bluray!!!
oo my gracious deals to be had!! i was nervous about being at target at 8 a.m. to make sure i got the i thought um..wonder if this will work!! It did:) went and reserved my copies that i can go anytime on tuesday..and be guaranteed to get them...

the best deal is at toysrus..
if you buy toy story 1 and toystory 2 blueray/combo pack- they will be 16.99 each....but here's what i did...if you prebuy them for a deposit of 5.00 each movie..they will give you 15.00 off any disney movie priced over's what it looked it-
5.00- preorder of ts1
5.00-preorder of ts2
19.99- pocahantos-
7.99 princess and frog jewelry box--

total: 37.98
then for some took off 19.99 for pochantos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and then 7.99 for the jewel box..because i bought a princess movie!!!!!

new total: 10.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so when i go tuesday i will take my two -10.00 off coupons for toystory 1 and toystory 2...
16.99 x 2= 33.98
- 20.00 coupons
13.98 - 10.00 (deposit i paid today)= 3.98!!

so i paid 13.98 for 3 disney movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you beat that??????????

here's how to get the $10 off coupons for each movie!

from gottadeal
To get your $10 Toy Story 1 & 2 coupons, log in to (or join) Disney Movie Rewards and enter the upc codes from your old VHS or DVD versions of each movie. You are able to print each coupon twice.

For those of you without the movies, here are the UPC codes.

786936294507 and 786936151060

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Liz said...

Dang! That is a killer deal! Thanks for the tip.

Found you via MckMama!
Have a great weekend!

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