January 27, 2010

luvs diapers for 3.70 a pack after rebate from diapers.com

hi friends....
a friend of mine posted this on fb its a great deal!!

Go to diapers.com and order 7 packs of Luvs for $6.99 plus one travel pack of pampers wipes $1.99 that will bring you over the $49 for free shipping. If you are a New Customers you can get $10 off your order,by using the code - FLAN1620 and i will get $5 off, plus if you use ebates you get an extra 1-3% back.
You also get a free subscription to Parenting magazine but can request a rebate of $14.97 instead
here is the form for the rebate request http://www.diapers.com/helpcenter/parenting.htm making each pack of diapers $3.70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i ordered today, and will have my order on friday!!!

happy diaper shopping!!!

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M3 said...

Hey Andrea, thanks for your comment on our blog. Ro and Ree's shoes are Skechers Twinkle Toes Groovy Baby. We got them in a store called Journeys Kidz, but you can also get them online at the Skechers web site and other places if you Google them.